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Red Nose Day
Jessie J
Superstar: Jessie J unveiled her bald head on BBC's Comic Relief show on Friday night after shaving her hair off for charity
Shock: Jessie J took her shaved head in her stride making the point it was all for charity
She looks fab! The 24-year-old singer looked fabulous as she emerged on stage with her newly shaved head
Hair today gone tomorrow: Jessie was still smiling after she had her head shaved just moments earlier she was showing off her glossy dark locksHair today gone tomorrow: Jessie was still smiling after she had her head shaved just moments earlier she was showing off her glossy dark locks
She's done it! Jessie stepped out on stage after successfully completing her head shave. She appealed to viewers to donate
Here she is: Jessie strutted out onto the stage in a cropped top and high-waisted trousers
Just her bangs left: The camera cut to Jessie half-way through her shave when just her signature fringe was left
'I'm selling this on Ebay: Lenny joked that he would try and flog Jessie's cuttings
The first cut is the deepest: Lenny Henry started off proceedings by snipping off a lock of Jessie's hair
Doing it for a good cause: The singer visited some of the charities that Comic Relief helps and it really hit home why she was shaving her head

One Direction

One Way: Harry Styles started his performance on Friday evening for Comic Relief wearing a Red Nose
Charity: The group's single is the official Red Nose Day single this year
Plea: The curly haired singer made a point of asking fans to donate

Who is good enough for Simon? Mr Cowell was seen marrying himself in a sketch for Comic Relief on Friday night
They all want a piece of him: Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, Dermot O'Leary, Olly Murs and David Walliams all declared their love for Simon

Doing her bit: Miranda has certainly done a lot for the charity this year with a little help from her cast mates
Star of the show: Miranda also took part in a Call The Midwife sketch on Friday evening
Look who it is: James Corden made an appearance on the show as his Gavin & Stacey character Smithy
Not happy: Smithy ranted about the various things which are done for Comic Relief
It's you!: The point made by Smithy was that it is the people at home fundraising that makes the difference
Shocked: Miranda Hart can't quite believe how much money she has made
Celebrate: To congratulate each other Dawn and Jennifer kiss each other
Big smacker: Miranda then jumps on Davina as she begins to kiss her
Treat: The team behind Maltesers are treated to a performance from Nicole Scherzinger
Oo Vicar: Dawn French's character is delighted to see Damian Lewis in her skit
Handsome: Damian Lewis looked great as a priest as he flirted away with Dawn's character
And it continues: Jonathan Ross and Jack Whitehall take over as hosts as the show moves to BBC2
Winner: Jack Whitehall wins Comic Relief Does MasterChef and says he will sell his trophy on ebay
Guest appearance: Ron Burgundy made an appeal on the show- Ron is from Anchor Man
Famous faces: The cast of The Royal Family appear to make an appeal
Thanks: Peter Andre appeared to thank the staff at Rymans for their help this year
Ab fab: David Walliams had to tell lots of famous faces that he had been intimate with that he had a std in a sketch on the show
He's bedded Miss Moss! David was seen going to Kate's house to tell her about his problem
Wedlock: Dermot O'Leary told Simon he should be in the final two
The End

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jessie sad

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კარგი სიახლეა ყოჩაღ ბევრი გიწვალია...

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kargi siaxlea magram mokle agwera dzalian aris gawelili , shecvale da ufro gaalamaze, patara zomis suratebi daurte

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